Stewart Peay

Fellow Republican,

I am running to be the Chair of the Utah County Republican Party. Utah County is one of the most Republican counties in America.  The vibrant and dynamic economy that we have built is the envy of the nation and continues to attract companies and individuals on a daily basis. We have a duty to tell our story and lead our nation.  I am confident that the reason that Utah County has flourished over the past 30 years is rooted in the Republican principles of limited government, family values and faith.

To tell that story, however, we need to ensure that Republicans continue to win elections.  This will be my first and primary goal.  We can no longer assume that if we mail in our ballots, the numbers will go our way.  We need to make sure our voters turn out and understand the importance of their votes.  As Democrat vote totals increase in Salt Lake County, it is imperative that Utah County Republicans “run up” the score to deliver victory for Republican candidates in multi-county and statewide races.  I have a plan to accomplish that goal.

One essential element of winning races is involving each member of our neighborhoods. We must make the caucus/convention system more efficient and convenient.  The home of Silicon Slopes can certainly figure out a way to use technology to allow young families, working parents, and college students, among others, to have their voices heard.  Those neighbors, when invested in our candidates, will help build the grass roots network that we need to activate our voters when the ballots are mailed out.

Finally, we must, must, bring young voters into the conservative fold. The students at BYU and UVU are almost certainly the grandchildren of people who voted for Ike and the children of those who voted for Reagan, yet Bernie Sanders was the choice of many of these students.  It is our duty to explain to these voters why limited government, market capitalism and a strong military are the keys to freedom, prosperity and security here in the USA.

On a personal note, I am the son of a teacher and Utah National Guard General.  I was raised in Mapleton when it was mainly orchards and hay fields and the livelihoods of many in this valley were based on a long since retired steel mill.  I was taught to work hard and to serve my country. Since returning from a one-year tour in Iraq with the Utah National Guard, I have raised my family in Highland and Alpine and built a law practice representing some of Utah’s most innovative and exciting companies.  It would be my honor to lead the Utah County Republican Party forward at this time.

Please reach out and ask any questions – and I’d love your support!